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Digital Marketing and SEO

Digital Marketing Services and SEO

We’ve said it elsewhere. An average website with great SEO and digital marketing will get you further than a fantastic website without either.

Having a great website without marketing or SEO is like juggling in a dark room with no-one else there. It just doesn’t matter how clever you are until someone else sees it.

At Little Fire, we know what it takes to get your website out there. Check out our services.

And, while you’re thinking about it, check out some of our knowledge.

Hattons Model Railways Case Study

Hattons & Rails of Sheffield – Case Study

Hattons Model Railways were, until recently, one of the biggest online hobbies retailers in the UK. Earlier this year, they made the difficult decision to cease trading. Hattons had loyal customers and invested significant time and money in building online…

Five Stars

Easier Google Reviews

Google Reviews represent powerful social proof. They lend real credibility to your business profile on the most popular website on earth. It is common (and good) practice to ask a client for their feedback as you finish a project. Google…

Core Web Vitals

What are Core Web Vitals?

Core Web Vitals are a set of specific factors that Google considers important in a webpage’s overall user experience. They are part of Google’s Web Vitals initiative, which aims to provide unified guidance for quality signals that are essential to…

Images from the Nicola Hughes Cast Study - Project Evaluation

Website Update for Nicola Hughes Consulting

Nicola Hughes Consulting has become Nicola Hughes Consulting Ltd. After almost two decades and the completion over one hundred projects for dozens of clients, the creation of a more formal company for the business is a testament to Nicola’s success.…

Springtime tulips.

Time to Spring Clean Your Website?

Spring might finally have arrived … who knows, it may even stop raining soon. Now is an ideal time to take stock and look again at your website in all that fresh, lovely daylight. We’ve weathered the winter, and just as…

The death of the cookie. Third-party cookies will have no major browser support from 2024.

Death of the Cookie

Is it too soon to announce the death of the cookie? Not quite, but on the 4th of January 2024, Google introduced Tracking Protection for its Chrome browser. This new feature signals the beginning of the end of third-party cookies. As…

Shopify SEO

8 Problems With Shopify SEO

Shopify is popular. Shopify is growing fast. According to MacroTrends its revenues rose by 36% year on year in the quarter to September 2023. It’s a platform heavily optimised for sales and e-commerce. Inevitably, though, a platform like this will…

So you need a Shopify developer?

What Does a Shopify Developer Do?

These days, Shopify seems unstoppable. The Shopify app store is growing fast; ever more competitor platforms are offering solutions to migrate to the upstart Shopify. If you’re struggling with your e-commerce, Shopify may be the answer … get a decent…

Is your phone spying on you?

Is Your Phone Spying on You?

Most people seem to have a story. You know, the one that makes you ask: “Is Your Phone Spying on You?”. We were driving up the A1, my son and I – heading for Edinburgh. Our phones were both nesting…

Content is King

Content is King … Who Is Going to Write Your Website?

In January 1996, Bill Gates wrote an essay titled “Content is King” – published on the Microsoft website. (here it is, in full). It’s a phrase thrown around a lot and yet, so often, written content almost seems to be…

Sustainable Web Design - A view of Curbar edge, Derbyshire © Stephen Kidd, Unsplash.com

Sustainable Web Design – 7 Tips for a Greener Website

It’s part of the dilemma that affects anyone who worries about such things – and sustainable web design is just a part of it. To engage in economic activity at all seems inevitably to affect the environment negatively – and…