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Hosting and Maintenance

A great website deserves great hosting – security, speed, backups and constant monitoring will mean your site will feel right at home.

Website Hosting from Little Fire Digital

Little Fire Digital work closely with our hosts. Between us, we can winkle the last ounce of speed out of your website, hunt down a timeout and fix a 504.

We’re on first name terms with our hosts. Whatever your query, you’ll get a human response. All the sites we manage are based in UK-based data centres.

All the sites we host are continuously backed up and scanned for malware and viruses. Rather than use apps and plugins and additional website technology, the server itself is programmed to do so. This is faster and better than your website trying to look after its own security. It means your website needs to do nothing but send your web pages to your clients.

We use enterprise grade Domain Name management (DNS) to cache your images and scripts and serve them faster than a web server ever could.

Website Maintenance

But it doesn’t stop at hosting. With a maintenance package from Little Fire Digital, we’ll also cover your content changes: if a team member leaves, your logo changes or you have some great news to share with your clients, tell us, and we’ll get those changes online for you swiftly, professionally and keeping your website looking exactly as designed.

The internet is not a static place: it changes all the time and the changes are only getting quicker. Server languages change, laws change (remember GDPR?), plugins get retired and hackers get cleverer. To keep our corner of the internet safe and secure, we update the servers regularly and your website will age. Just like a car, a website needs ongoing care to perform at its best.

Our hosting and packages will keep your site ahead of the curve. We’ll keep your plugins up to date, your tag manager talking to your Google Ads, your site-speed scorching and your content legally compliant.

SEO & Digital Marketing

When we launch a site, it will be SEO ready – we match our site structure and, as far as possible, the content to match the words relating to your business for which people are actually searching. Little Fire Digital Ltd offers simple, easy-to-understand SEO packages to keep your site moving up the search engines.