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Case Studies

At Little Fire Digital, we’ve completed more projects than we can remember.
Here are some of the most notable, presented as case studies.

These are amongst our very best client stories and case studies but there are plenty more. Contact us to find out how we could help you.

Case studies from Little Fire Digital - the Rails of Sheffield Website

Rails of Sheffield

Rails of Sheffield are one of the most successful model railway and hobbies retailers in the North of England.

Find out how we upgraded their site to Shopify and integrated warehousing, stock control, pre-ordering and helped make the business something bigger.

Find out how we helped Rails of Sheffield grow.

AFC Wimbledon

Read the story of the most successful fundraiser in the history of the English Football League.

The lawyers said it couldn’t be done (what do lawyers know?); between AFC Wimbledon and Little Fire Digital, we launched a bond-selling scheme in under four weeks.

Find out how Little Fire Digital helped bring the Dons home.

Case studies from Little Fire Digital - the AFC Wimbledon / Plough Lane Bond Website
Case studies from Little Fire Digital - the NSPC Website


The New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling is a bustling college based in Hampstead, North London.

Over the years, we have completed a lot of projects for the School and its associated websites.

With over 500 students and complex course structures, the administrative overhead is huge. Find out how we helped tame it.

Jagged Globe

Jagged Globe are leaders in organising high-altitude expeditions for adventurous travellers.

Booking a climber onto a trip up Everest is a complicated affair – find out how Little Fire Digital made it simple. Helping the client sell millions of pounds of trips.

… and we made the website ‘mobile-friendly’ while we were at it. Check out our this post and this for additional Jagged Globe case studies.

Case studies from Little Fire Digital - the Jagged Globe Website
Photographing the sky at night - a Little Fire case study for Fotovue


We were delighted to be chosen as the illustrators for renowned photographer Alyn Wallace’s magnum opus – “Photographing the Night Sky”, published by Fotovue.

We sharpened our pencils, brushed up our 3D skills and, we hope, surprised and delighted the client in equal measure. Find out more in this case study.

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