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Old Friends New Face

We’re pleased to announce the launch of P.A.R UK’s new website. https://par.uk.com/ Featuring a fresh new design and, for the first time, e-commerce.

Paul and his team felt that there were business opportunities being missed from their old website and contacted us.

After analysis we found that the website could better service the client’s customers if there were more opportunities to get in touch via the site itself and most importantly; the functionality to physically buy the products direct from the website.

P.A.R. are a traditional company trading in copper wire: winding materials for motors, transformers and related materials. In recent years, though, this has meant tremendous opportunities in emerging renewable markets … https://par.uk.com/markets/

In the years since we last updated the website, P.A.R. has been selling numerous electrical components online through eBay and has become increasingly frustrated by transaction fees and obscure charging. Eventually, in 2022, they ceased trading through eBay altogether.

A new website - fresh e-commerce for P.A.R. Insulations and Wires

Monitors are much bigger now than they were. The new site takes advantage of all this new space with an expansive design. This layout packs down neatly for mobile viewers.

Copper prices fluctuate frequently, so not all the items P.A.R. sells are suitable for selling online. But have put the products that are practicable into a simple WooCommerce store. A more complete of items sold at volume elsewhere on the site. We’ve added a bit of wizardry to make those pages a little more navigable, too.

Using the open WooCommerce will allow P.A.R. to add channels to their online sales. We’re looking at adding B2B functions, selling through Google Shopping and the like.

For now though, the launch of this e-commerce website will mean a more streamlined buying process. This will save the company time and help them service their customers more effectively.