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Model railway layout

Pre-Orders for Rails of Sheffield

It’s a curious market for the model railway business. For the most part, it is a relatively straightforward process of selling and delivering boxed products to keen customers. It’s highly seasonal with many sales in the last quarter of the…

How Much Should I pay for web development?

How Much Should I Pay for Web Development?

These days it’s almost impossible to imaging a successful business without it having an online presence. Whether you’re a small business owner or run a large corporation, having a website is crucial to your success. However, one question that often…

Hay Wines’ store front in Hereford

Hay Wines’ New Website

We’ve just set up a new Shopify store for Hay Wines – an independent wine dealer in Ledbury.
A plate of Maryland cookies

What is a Cookie?

You’ll have heard the word cookie being banded about. You spend a seemingly endless time clicking your way past cookie banners and warnings every time you load a (legally compliant) web page. Technical support will occasionally ask you to clear…

Image by libepe from Pixabay

A Little Case Study for Jagged Globe

It's rarely easy grafting new code onto old. Existing systems have a way of working which cannot change without significant investment and potential disruption.
Squarespace Vs Webflow

Why has my Website Disappeared from Google?

Recently we have had calls because business owners are saying their sites aren’t showing up in Google search even when they type in their own company name. With all four of these sites, I found some obvious reasons for the sites not…