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Another Little Case Study

We’ve talked elsewhere about Jagged Globe, so here’s another little case study. It’s all about their custom website and their many, many beautiful images.

Over the last year or two we’ve been adding the popular rich-text editor, CKeditor, to many of their administrators’ pages.

This editor allows a website administrator to edit web content as if they were in Microsoft Word© with multiple formatting options.

Using UTF8, it removes many of the problems of an extended character set and ensures all html added is correct, tags balanced and so on.

But What About the Pictures?

Asked the client.

Although CKeditor has tools for browsing a server file system (CKFinder, ELFinder and others), none of these are quite appropriate for Jagged Globe. Their image database predates Javascript text editors and the thousands (tens of thousands) would soon break anything manually scanning the disk.

Hang on …

… we thought, we can’t be the first people to have this problem so we did some research.

We found a little-used plugin which just required some back end code to supply a list of images so they can be added to the web page as the administrator creates it.

Little Fire Digital integrated Jagged Gobe Images with CKeditor
The database-driven image browser for Jagged Globe

… bit of back end wizardry and an hour or two later we were testing.

Everything worked as needed and within a few hours the entire development was launched.

The system is super easy to use, when staff at Jagged Globe select ‘Browse Server’, a new browser window opens with all the categories defined for the images available at the top.

Once the category is chosen, thumbnails of all the images uploaded are displayed (most recent first). Double clicking on any inserts the image into the document. Correctly formatted. No code, no errors.

Little Fire Digital Ltd – fixing the internet, one job at a time.

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