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It’s rarely easy grafting new code onto old. Existing systems have a way of working which cannot change without significant investment and potential disruption. Whilst at the same time, technology moves on, meaning that there are benefits to be gained – if only one could integrate them.

So it is with Jagged Globe, who have a long-standing database of dazzling photographs of the world’s highest places. These are used to great effect across the website and are an integral part of both Jagged Globe’s marketing material and the website’s function.

With the huge advances in digital photography, the number of images the company receive is increasing all the time and the existing methods of uploading images is becoming onerous and impractical.

The existing site has stringent rules for categorising and naming images and a complex post upload processing procedure. We could find no single plugin which offered the ease of use hoped for and compliance with the existing website. A custom solution was required.

With skill and expertise, Little Fire have been able to extend the existing, bespoke Jagged Globe website. We integrated a new bulk upload page. The new site implements everything the old procedure offered, but one can add 20, 30 or more images at once. Errors are reported, progress monitored on a file by file basis and, once uploaded, the photos are saved, filed and categorised as they always have been. All the while, Jagged Globe staff can get on with other things.

Jagged Globe Bulk Image Uploader - A case study. It's rarely easy grafting new code onto old. A short story of one of our better efforts

Agents can now upload images in Nepal as clients come off the mountain. Those images are then ready to use in the Sheffield office immediately.

It’s not been easy, but it has been fun. We really do love this stuff.

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