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Green technology - Sheffield company Little Fire Digital Ltd hosting goes carbon negative

Sustainable Web Hosting from Little Fire – Slowly Turning Green

6th September 2023 and Little Fire Digital completes a major server transfer. Of itself, it is no mean feat – moving services whilst in continuous use. The downtime and disruption was minimal and we dealt with the few tiny glitches thereafter. We’re pleased with the successful move but, more importantly still, the move completes the transfer of all our shared hosting services to carbon negative servers. We are delighted to offer sustainable web hosting.

Is it Better to be Carbon Positive or Carbon Negative?

“‘Carbon positive’ can be read as numerically positive emissions (bad for the climate); and, ‘carbon negative’ is limited because it defines a good action in the negative. To limit confusion, we refer to all concepts that seek to convey net gain with the generic term ‘climate positive’.”

Carbon positive may sound better, but by this definition we’re using the term carbon negative … trying to make and do things for the good.

Put simply, through offsetting and energy efficiency, the devices on which our websites are hosted result in CO2 being removed from the atmosphere. While, we could wait for the distant powers at COP28 to make decisions. But, frankly, we don’t think the world can wait and, besides, we want to do the right thing.

The world is changing, not always for the worse. We started the move on grounds of service and reliability. We were delighted when our new hosting partners at KDAws announced their intention to reverse the carbon impact of their business and offer us sustainable hosting services. This is something that aligns with our intentions perfectly – we’re committed to minimising the carbon emissions from our work.

More Trees

For the past few years, Little Fire has committed a percentage of its turnover (not profit) to planting trees. Every month we plant hundreds of trees wherever they are most needed. This improves some of the world’s most denuded environments and provides work for the local communities working on the reforestation projects.

Every Pound Spent With Little Fire Digital Helps Plant Trees

While there are others, we use we use (more:trees) to manage our donations, select projects and manage the planting.

Is that Everything?

Sady no.

We don’t have all the choices at Little Fire Digital. The nature of our lease means we don’t get to choose our electricity or heating providers. Some commuting is inevitable but we still allow a lot of working from home. Also, as of 2024, the majority of commutes will be by bicycle or on foot.