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Vertebrate Online - where did it go?

What Happened to Vertebrate Online?

If you came here looking for Vertebrate Online, don’t worry, you’re in the right place. As of January 2017, we dropped the old trading name. We are now called Little Fire Digital Ltd – you can find out the full story behind the new name here.  We are still the same web development team of Simon Norris, Cy Harrison and Rich Potter – our combined experience and skillset includes design, website design and development, content management systems, website hosting, search engine optimisation (for desktop and mobile), email hosting, website security certificates,  and pretty much anything to do with websites.

Why Change from Vertebrate Online to Little Fire Digital?

Originally we had been part of Vertebrate Graphics – and Vertebrate Online seemed a logical next step in our devolution from the old firm.

The the name “Vertebrate Online” never suited us very well, it’s hard for clients to say, type in to your address bar, write as an email (and spell) so, with the move, we thought now would be a good time to make the change.

What Move?

Farewell Vertebrate Online, Little Fire Digital have left the building.

We recently moved to new offices at Sheaf Bank Business Park. We love it here. There’s more room for us, there’s more room for clients and it’s a shorter, less-polluting commute for all of us. (Rich still has some serious hill climbing to do on his bike though!)

Sheaf Bank Business Park is conveniently located just to the south of the city centre. Our office is on the riverside block on the second floor with a view out over the railway line. We have proper coffee (no serious web developer drinks instant do they?). So feel free to call in for a cuppa.

Why not, give us a call, drop us an email at info@little-fire.com and get your website and online business off the ground.