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Bespoke Website Design

Between us at Little Fire Digital we have decades of experience building websites. From the early days of manually writing the pages tag-by-tag, through Dreamweaver and other applications to template-based, database driven creations; we know this stuff inside out.


We‘re Platform Agnostic

We’re not tied to any single way of doing things, we use what best fits your needs. Whether you need WordPress with a twist, SquareSpace with flair or something unique using our proprietary vCMS content management system, we can get you exact what you need

Casafia Medical Aesthetics

Visual First

It may sound obvious, but website design should be led by the visual input not the technology presenting it.

Award-winning designers, professionally sourced photography and technical expertise will mean your online presence stands out.

Bespoke Web Design Sheffield

To get an even better idea of what we do, who we’ve done it for and how we do it, check out some of our case studies.

Our Background

Design for Print

Little Fire have team members who have been working since before the internet was even a thing. Back then it wasn’t about being pixel-perfect – we still remember adverts telling us Macromedia Freehand would let us edit bacteria actual size.

We’re not overly nostalgic about such times, but it set standards of design accuracy to which we still aspire today. Setting out a page in CSS is tricky. Setting out a page so that the design looks great on every device from a studio monitor to an iPhone 8 is just the kind of challenge we relish.

Design for E-commerce

We class ourselves an e-commerce Web Design Agency – we can help with all you need. If you need to launch a dropshipping website, implement order fulfilment, a third party API integration or a bespoke software solution to do something smart which is above and beyond the off the shelf web builder packages.

E-commerce websites are far more complicated than a standard brochure website. The data do be collected is much greater and the customer experience much more involved. Our design ethos means Little Fire Digital fully understand the importance of powerful visual signalling when creating artisan websites with smarter systems integration.

Specialist Web Design Agency Sheffield

At Little Fire we have the background knowledge and skill to add customer-specific function to established frameworks (check out the pre-order checkout we built for Rails of Sheffield).

It may come as no surprise to hear that technical back-end wizardry and refined appearance do not always go hand-in-hand. But, with a traditional eye on the design and leveraging the existing display framework, it‘s something at which we can excel.

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