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Little Fire for Custom Web Development in Wrexham

At Little Fire Digital Limited, we have been developing bespoke website solutions countrywide for decades. We’ve resolved a lot of tricky issues and come up with many terrific solutions.

In our history, our team have: developed stock control systems for regional supermarket chain, integrated the Brightpearl Retail Operating System with bespoke websites, created custom products to sell maps from Google maps, bonds to help finish the Plough Lane Stadium for AFC Wimbledon; and a custom checkout application to sell mountaineering expeditions online.

Web Development in Pen-y-cae – A Solution for Every Problem

Your business and its issues are yours, until you tell us about them we can’t tell you anything meaningful about them. So, instead, here are few quick case studies to show some of the solutions we’ve delivered.

Unique Web Development for Businesses Worldwide

Aiming High

From 1987 until today, Jagged Globe has been one of the foremost company organising high-altitude adventures for clients. They were the first British company to organise a professionally-run expedition to Everest. Jagged Globe serve customers globally.

We didn’t design the website but we have updated a great deal, whilst retaining its original scheme and its stunning imagery.

It hasn’t been without difficulty, over the years we have had to:

  • Make the Jagged Globe site meets Google’s mobile-friendly requirements.
  • To meet the emerging PCI (Payment Card Industry) regulations, we implemented the Sagepay (Opayo) payment gateway to take deposits online.
  • Massively simplified the booking procedure. Existing climbers can now book a adventure in as few as 5 clicks.
  • Wrote a application for recording client health. Climbing in the wilderness is not without risk and is typically physically exacting – Jagged Globe need to know that each climber is safe to explore.
  • Integrated the site with the SendInBlue email marketing platform so the mailing lists are fully GDPR compliant.
  • To help the company display the many images that the customers collect, we have implemented systems to upload and manage clients’ images in bulk.
Jagged Globe - leading in the mountains for twenty years.
Rails of Sheffield Website - custom web development fromLittle Fire Digital

Web Development for e-commerce in Pen-y-cae

As one of largest online vendors of model railways and hobbies in the north of England, with a volume of sales to match, Rails of Sheffield needed Little Fire Digital to create an enterprise-level e-commerce solution.

Developed on the rock-solid Shopify platform, the new Rails of Sheffield website has provided the much-needed stability to allow the business to grow.

The new site meets a number of challenges:

  • The model railway marketplace involves pre-orders with exceptionally long delivery timeframes. To accommodate this, we have created a custom, bespoke pre-order basket and checkout using javascript integrated directly into the Shopify framework.
  • Stock management and order fulfilment is processed using Peoplevox. We coordinated development teams to get Peoplevox talking to Shopify and Rails of Sheffield’s two ebay shops.

Whatever you‘re selling, we’d like to hear from you.

Website Development for

New Businesses Nationwide

When Worthing beauty business, Casafia were looking to go online, they consulted the help of Little Fire {Digital Limited}. This was a perfect project for Little Fire; we collaborated with the client to create the logo and branding combining subtle colours with crisp, modern design.

The website features online booking through the Pabau Customer Relationship Management System – a system created specifically for the beauty clinic market.

Pabau is seamlessly integrated with Mailchimp to handle client communications so we completed the Pabau email templates so that they matched the lovingly created branding of the main site. Mailing list subscription forms on the main website add customers straight to a Mailchimp list and the customer is able to manage their preferences without ever leaving casafia.com.

To keep things simple, the chat widget is integrated to work with Facebook Messenger – our client’s usual chat platform.

Casafia Medical Aesthetics
AFC Wimbledon and the Plough Lane Bond Website - Little Fire Sheffield helped bing the Dons home.

Unique Web Development for Fundraising

AFC Wimbledon were in a bind. They had decades away from their traditional home ground, Plough Lane, and had finally managed to buy a site and start building the their new stadium on the same road, Plough Lane, in South London.

The new ground was about to be finished but they had run out of money.

Under lunatic time pressure, we stepped in, worked like fools to developed a standalone platform from which the club could sell bonds and raise money from their supporters.

It has been the most successful fundraising project in the history of the football league, and we helped it to make it happen. Read the case study to find out more.

Web Development and Related Services for Pen-y-cae and Wrexham

Bespoke Web Development, Pen-y-cae

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