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Little Fire Digital are an e-commerce web design agency with over twenty years experience in building and sourcing both bespoke and off the shelf eCommerce solutions.

We started out as an award winning graphic design agency and grew into being a technical web development agency that have been delivering online shopping websites since the very beginnings of e-commerce.


e-commerce with Little Fire

If you are looking to launch or scale an e-commerce website then talk to Little Fire Digital.


If you‘re just starting out, honestly, in many cases, you might be able to do it yourself. Shopify, Big Commerce or SquareSpace will all let you create and online store with little or no technical knowledge. If this is you, it may be the way to go. If you‘re just starting out, we‘d love to design your website, we’d love to set up your system, but DIY may be what we advise you to do.

Hidden Costs

There are a lot of them in e-commerce and even the so-called ‘free‘ services soon start asking for a few pounds here and a few there – it can add up quickly. But the biggest hidden cost is time, setting up e-commerce is fiddly, adding a product manifest can take ages, integrating payment-gateways can involve a lot of trial and error.

Without experience, the hidden costs can be huge.

Don‘t Drop the Baby

If your business is up and running, if it‘s already trading at scale, you’ll already have a beast that needs to be fed. Interruptions to service can be costly and injurious to customer trust. You‘ll more than likely know what you need and you‘ll need them working fast.

There’s more to it than just setting up a website. Almost by definition, an e-commerce platform needs to integrate with other systems: payment gateways (Stripe, Paypal, SagePay and so on), email platform to use (MailChimp, SendInBlue, Klaviyo and the like) and and the all important Google Analytics. The choice of each may depend on how they interact with the e-commerce platform you’re using. If you want this done without an interruption to your business – saving you time and money – Little fire Digital are likely to have the knowledge needed to get it right first time.

With over twenty years experience as an e-commerce website design company, we can avoid most trial and error, we know where many of the hidden costs lie and we’re likely know the best solution to meet your needs.

If you think we could help, then get in touch to chat through your ideas and what you need.

Rails of Sheffield

Sheffield retailers, Rails of Sheffield, have built a burgeoning business online. Little Fire Digital have moved that business to Shopify; integrating warehousing, order fulfilment, inventory management and increased revenues.

Rails of Sheffield Website - custom web development fromLittle Fire Digital

Hay Wines

Hay Wines are proud vendors of wines from small and independent producers. By specialising on small batch, artisan wines, they have developed an enviable reputation nationwide.

Hay Wines had outgrown WooCommerce and needed something more robust. We moved the shop to Shopify integrating stock control, epos and Google Shopping.

Jagged Globe

We didn’t build the Jagged Globe website, but since we became the company‘s development partners, we have integrated and built many extensions and improvements. The booking process for high-altitude trips can be very complicated. Learn how we made it simple.

Jagged Globe - leading in the mountains for twenty years.

If you think we could help, then get in touch to chat through your ideas and what you need.

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