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Once upon a time a page was made of bashed wood pulp and clay, a site was a field and the index was at the back.

Some of the team are old enough to have worked then – some of us were print designers before the internet was a thing.

We’re not nostalgic, but there’s a lot to like about print design: no bugs, no javascript, no internet connection and every device is the same. It’s a different set of skills but it’s something in which we are well versed.

Daver Steels Compression Struts - A4 brochure designed for print by Little Fire Digital

Daver Steels

It took for some time for our clients, Daver Steels, to tell us the had provided the structural compression struts for the New York Times building.

A little while later it turned out they had done the same for Madison Square Gardens, Heathrow Terminal 2 and Bankside (next to Tate Modern, London).

Fortunately these shy and retiring violets let us tell the world about all this in this beautiful brochure.

Short Run Digital Print

Local firm, Prokem Chemical Protection Ltd, install pollution protection systems using a huge array of systems.

Rather than a single complicated brochure, we using short-run digital print, we produce simple, small brochures to promote individual systems.

Digital press

Business Cards

They may seem dated, but business cards have a funny way of hanging around on a prospect’s desk long after your email is buried in their inbox.

Print has moved on, these days a beautiful little nugget of print costs a lot less than it used to.

Llamas cost extra.

Screen Print and Tee Shirts

We say we’re not nostalgic … but our first jobs were designing tees for local climbing and surf companies.

Climber and gentleman of this parish, Niall Grimes, recently ran a series of social evenings to support his Jam Crack podcast. We wanted some tee shirts to promote the events.

It was just like the old days.

Tee Shirt for Jam CRack Nights

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