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Little Fire Digital specialise in custom web design and development. We’re lucky enough to have a number of clients whose needs exceed the ordinary. We love the challenges. If we’ve done our job right, they’ll love the results.

Sometimes, out of the myriad web design platforms out there, there’s none that will do exactly what you need. Little Fire Digital are adept web developers. We can extend your website design, write something new or connect systems to meet your needs.

Rails of Sheffield Website - custom web development fromLittle Fire Digital

Rails of Sheffield

Our work with Rails of Sheffield has involved connecting PeopleVox warehousing and stock management with Shopify (using Patchworks) and two eBay stores (using Linnworks and Oddsphere). This has created a single cohesive e-commerce environment from dispersed endpoints.

We have used Shipster to help Rails deliver worldwide.

On the website itself, we have built a separate pre-order checkout and order management system running seamlessly within the Shopify web pages.


Medical Aesthetics clinic, Casafia, are based in Worthing, East Sussex.

With an existing client base already well connected through instagram, we integrated Facebook Messenger as the on-screen chat client.

The website invisibly integrates with Pabau – a CRM system designed especially for the beauty and medical aesthetics markets – and MailChimp to manage customers email marketing preferences.

Casafia Medical Aesthetics
The New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling website.


We have worked with the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling for many years.

From automating Moodle logins, integrating the Stripe payment gateway (and direct reporting with Xero) to collecting Event Ticket payments via Stripe, the list of integrations is extensive.

Jagged Globe

Since we took over the Jagged Globe website, we have added a great deal of custom functionality. We have enabled bulk drag and drop image uploads to their extenive library of beautiful images. We have implemented the popular CKEditor text editor and then integrated that with the image database.

We‘ve managed to simplify the demanding process of data-collection for booking an expedition to a matter of just a few clicks for most users.

Jagged Globe - leading in the mountains for twenty years.

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